Air Compressor Technology is a proud distributor of the CTRL UL101 diagnostic device. Here is a brief summary of the CTRL UL101's capabilities. For a complete information packet or to place your order, please contact us at 1-800-257-3623 or 1-603-435-7147. 
This device is currently in use by NASA on the International Space Station !

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The CTRL UL101 (UL101) is an easy to use diagnostic tool that utilizes the properties of ultrasound to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of component condition assessment and leak detection.
The UL101 detects ultrasound produced by operating systems and converts it into readily recognizable sounds.

With the UL101, pinpointing the source of ultrasound and understanding it’s meaning usually takes only a few seconds to a minute. This enables you to make smart, proactive and corrective decisions before catastrophic failures occur. It also enables you to find failed components that have gone unnoticed but are very costly.

Even in extremely noisy environments, this powerful tool allows you to isolate and to differentiate current and potential defects prior to their becoming recognizable to the human ear. With this information, downtime, repairs, and preventative actions may be scheduled in order to minimize cost and production losses. This hand-held, versatile diagnostic tool is perfect for applications in production, maintenance, and quality control.



Simplicity: Easy for any user to obtain faster, more accurate detect/failure diagnosis, as well as quality control on repairs. Minimal training required.
Sensitivity: Enables user to detect faint ultrasound of individual components.
Selectivity: Enables user to differentiate between various sources of ultrasound emissions, even when components are within close proximity.
Accessibility: Slim and lightweight tool with selectable length probe attachments for easy access to difficult-to-reach locations.
Durability: Extruded aluminum case to maximize tool life in harsh shop environment.
Ease of Use: No calibration. No special maintenance. Operates on a single 9 Volt battery. Simple controls to adjust sensitivity.
Price: Low cost allows tool to be issued to many mechanics, operators, and quality control technicians.


Save Time and reduce maintenance costs
Detect operating malfunctions much earlier in the failure cycle
Assess/diagnose individual internal components within a few seconds to a minute
Reduce routine troubleshooting time and effort from hours to minutes
Perform tests while equipment is in operation
Reduce unexpected downtime
Prevent catastrophic mechanical failures before they occur
Used on regular basis, the UL101 will help you locate improper operating conditions and elusive problems and avoid costly breakdowns
Cut energy costs  -  Eliminate compressed air and gas/steam leaks
A combined 1/8 system leak costs $3 – 4,000/ Year
A combined 1/4 system leak costs $12 – 15,000/ Year
A combined 3/8 system leak costs $26 – 30,000/ Year
The UL101 package will pay for itself in a few months just by enabling you to find a single leak of 1/16 inch in a 100 PSI steam system
Improve plant safety  -  Eliminate hazardous leaks and electrical problems
Improve the accuracy of problem diagnosis and repair
Detect over and under lubrication of bearings and gears
Replace soap suds and hydrostatic testing with quick and easy ultrasound testing
Discover faulty conditions missed by other technologies
Enhance the effectiveness of other predictive technologies
Reduce the work load on maintenance personnel and the unnecessary replacement of parts


Compressed Air & Gas Leaks
Cooling System Leaks
Exhaust & Intake Manifold Leaks
Steam Traps
Refrigeration and Heating systems
Vacuum Leaks
Valves & Fittings
Piping & Lines
Cylinder Head Gaskets
Check & Control Valves
Actuator & Stop Valves
Pumps & Hoses
Fittings & Valves
Internal Cylinder Leaks
Roller & Ball & Pillow Box Bearings
Trunion & Wheel Bearings
Butterfly Valves
Electric Motors & Engines
Valves & Gears
Transmissions and PTO's
Electric Motor Bearings/Bushings/Brushes
Ignition Systems & Alternators
Switches & Coils
Spark Plugs & Wiring
Transformers/Relay & Power Boxes
Storage Tanks
Door & Window Gaskets
Bulkhead & Hatch Seals
Windshields & Weather Stripping
Clean Rooms
Railroad Cars/Truck Bodies